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Watered down hydrogen peroxide H202 for health rewards

by veinsnail96

Drink hydrogen peroxide H202, it's not recommended to consume it within its undiluted form, as food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H202) that you're going to buy at the wholesaler shall be 35%. However when you drink it, it will be between 30ppm and 200ppm. There are several of products that might be totally toxic if you consume it prior to dilution - just think of Coke a Cola - that's the reason it is really quite ridicules' any time I read blog posts and articles regarding H202 they usually quote all of the properties with a 35% consentration.

Persons are not often so knowledgeable, and so they place hydrogen peroxide 35% into a clear bottle, place it directly into refridgerator, without marking it, and then consume it later by mistake. This said, I can't fully understand even then how one can drink it as it burns your oral cavity, but if you are willing to don't taste the things you drink and merely gulp it down… not so bright.

So if at all possible don't purchase it in 35% strength, buy it in 3% to 7.5% potency, and when possible decide to purchase a slow release hydrogen peroxide, so that it is not necessary to maintain it within the freezer. Rather keep it in a proper wentelated place a little distance from children or visitors, within the bottle you buy it in as so you'll have no misunderstanding about what it is.

Perhaps the FDA has had a notice telling people to not consume high strength hydrogen peroxide, but I find that it is a bit misleading, as it almost appears like they say don't drink hydrogen peroxide, but they definitely say don't drink high strength. So they are saying just be sure you don't by chance drink high strength, and so do I.

35% / 2 = +- 18% / 2 = 9% / 2 = +- 4% / 2 = 2% / 2 = 1% / 2 = 0.5% / 2 = 0.25% / 2 = 0.125% …

So what's the point? You only add several drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide per litre of water if you wish to drink it. Yes that will give you approximately 30 parts per million.

This diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide that will need to be drunk on any empty stomach .

My best suggestion would be to buy a 7.5% slow release food grade hydrogen peroxide (H202) as this isn't classified as an unsafe goods, the added advantage is that you can consume it anytime, as this one reacts to anaerobic pathogens therefore having bait in your stomach is just not a problem.

Don't forget to study this H202 diluted water every where one can, in drinking mineral water, when you cook your meal, steam your meal etc. Our body system is used to keeping them with hydration and nourishment as h202 aids in digestion. If you wish to know more please have a look at our website -

hydrogen peroxide mouthwash

  • Uploaded: December 15th, 2013
Description: Watered down hydrogen peroxide H202 for health rewards
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